Richmont Corp is a private, family-owned company that has been in business for 40 years. Its activities include direct capital investments in operating companies, investment vehicles, as well as active and passive investments in which we provide capital, resources or both to support the growth of innovative business opportunities.

Today’s economy demands fresh thinking.

Before the Great Recession, capital was easily available to innovative businesses. Entrepreneurs or companies simply raised capital and used it to buy whatever sales, marketing or operational support they needed. The capital market freeze changed everything. Many outstanding businesses can’t gain traction in today’s economic world.

Our approach is more creative than solely investing capital. We invest at multiple levels and in a variety of ways.

We look for interesting businesses in promising market sectors. When we find a venture that we believe has major potential, we invest in the form of capital, management and financial consulting, or through the application of our own resources. We have an experienced team with expertise in finance, operations, technology, sales, marketing and strategic business planning. We like to invest our intellectual capital in businesses that interest us.

Businesses need strategic direction, sales and marketing support, financial analysis, technology and operations expertise. The Richmont team can provide them. We are constantly approached about supporting various ventures, but we choose our partnerships carefully. We look for a good match with our own core values of integrity, entrepreneurship and social benefit.

Richmont’s portfolio includes a national provider of office imaging supplies and services to the public and private sectors, as well as ventures in the direct sales channel, where we have significant expertise and long experience. Our consumer goods interests encompass a line of gourmet products including Siberian sturgeon caviar, fine Arabica coffee roasted in small batches, Seven™ brand Canadian still spring water from the Rochon family’s land in the forests of Ontario, Canada, hand-crafted maple syrup and other products (

Richmont’s other investments include banking, publishing and technology. One Richmont investment, RealPage Inc., a software company whose product is used by nine of the ten largest property management companies in the United States, recently conducted a successful initial public offering and has a $5 billion market value. Over the past quarter century years the Richmont partners have managed companies in such varied industries as finance, international trading, food service, personal care products, manufacturing, marketing and insurance. Richmont’s chairman and founder is John P. Rochon. As founder and general partner of Richmont Capital Partners I, he led the partnership to become the largest shareholder in Avon Products Inc. Mr. Rochon served for years as chairman of Mary Kay Inc. and led its successful leveraged buyout and its subsequent global growth into a multi-billion dollar company. Other major investments have included Royal Appliance/Dirt Devil, Maybelline, The Dial Corp., Harvey’s Hotels and Casinos, the Edison Project and Armor Holdings.